Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Bed of Ferns • Or Fern Bedding

I just love the fern theme.  Here are three different bedding sets that qualify.

Fern Bedding  from Amazon

Another Bedding Approach but more contemporary also from Amazon

Another option from Crate and Barrel - although they list it as Ash Tree Silhouettes. I see ferns!

Although in reality white background just isn't a good idea for me. I know - if it is white I will spill on it within two hours. If I wear white clothes I am spotted before I leave the house. I see so much decorating now that is lots and lots of white.  It is beautiful and I stop, look and go "ooohhh" but I don't find it practical....and my kids are grown and gone! I can't imagine living in a home with extensive white. An what good is a home if you can't live there?

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