Monday, July 11, 2011

Preserving Memories

Part 3: The Gramzee Series

Scrapbooking? That industry is a new one but the activity has been around for generations. My mom started a scrapbook for me when I was born and she kept it for about 5 years. When my daughters were born I wanted to also create scrapbooks for them but I approached it differently. Remember there was no scrap-booking aisle in Michaels yet. I decided to create scrapbooks out of loose leaf notebooks so they could grow and expand. I purchased plain white card stock in 8 1/2 x 11 size, punched holes in it and used that as the basis for the scrapbook. I also added plastic sleeves for saving bulkier items. Through the year I kept a file box and as the papers came home, special projects were completed, photos were taken and ribbons won - I put it all in the box. Right after Thanksgiving I started. Everything was sorted in chronological order and glued to the pages.  I assembled it all and every Christmas, under the tree was the girl's annual scrapbook, their year all collected together.

They were always proud to see their year in review. I did this until they graduated from high school and they both cried in appreciation when they unwrapped the final version. Both daughters have a full shelf of memories. Over the years they have looked at the books often, shared them with friends, used them to research their history.

My only problem is neither has room for them in their homes.  I still have all volumes! But I expect the grandkids will enjoy peeking into their parents' past when they come to visit.

Times have changed and the options are many.  Find a way to preserve the memories be it simple, fancy or digital.  The secret is to find a way that works in your life so that on a regular basis it gets updated. It helps build roots.

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