Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cement Balls Rolled into Place!

Today we uncovered the remaining four concrete balls (See post 1, post 2, post 3 for additional info) and rolled them into place!  Exciting.

They are a short distance into the woods surrounded by natural wood grass, and are visible from David's studio and from our hiking trails.  

The last four have been curing for a number of days so we removed the black plastic. They are still a molted gray. In a day or two they will dry and match the original three. We are a little surprised by how white the concrete is but we expect it will weather to a different shade of gray. Time will tell.

Even though they are very heavy we had no trouble moving them. I expect we will rearrange them regularly, and the kids will do so again every time they come home to visit.

And here is a view with me in it so you can get a size relationship.

We love our woods and our growing sculpture garden! Sculpture Week 2011 is over. Both David and I are back at work but what fun we had. Time to start thinking about ideas for 2012. In the meantime we are considering titles for this sculpture. Any thoughts?

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  1. Those are really neat! Love how they look in the woods.

    1. We love them as well, and you should see them through the seasons! Gorgeous with a winter snow on them.