Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduate Idea-

I received a post card from my sister-in-law last week.  She was vacationing in Hawaii and sent a post card! I haven't received one in a long time.  Everyone I know sends me texts and phone photos to share their experiences.  But post cards are nostalgic.  When I left for my two week stay at Girl Scout camp each summer my mom sent me with addressed post cards to send to all the relatives.  This pillow struck that same nostalgic chord.

What a great gift for the high school graduate going off to college- a dorm room pillow made like a postcard with a meaningful message inked into the message side.  I love the red, white and blue braided cord and the addition of a stamp.  Purchase a pillow you design from OliveHandmade on Etsy

DIY Idea- What would you use on the reverse side?  The ability to print on fabric from many inkjet printers allows for many options.

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