Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wooden Rocks?

I love both wood and stone, in nature, as building materials, as decor. Imagine how happy I am when the two are combined! Wooden rocks? Exactly! I have found a variety of such applications.

This Pavé seating collection for the Italian design firm Kreoo is what caught my eye most recently. I saw them in the New England Home Design Blog. My assumption is I would never be able to afford them but ohhhh they are beautiful, minimal and would be a perfect addition to my very different garden. I even have the perfect spot......

Not too long ago I stumbled upon Branch, an online store featuring sustainable designs for living. I found many things there that I loved but especially the bamboo pebbles.

Much smaller in scale, much more affordable and just beautiful.  They are sold in families of thirteen.

Several years ago, K&J gave me a set of wood mini-boulders handcrafted from solid mahogany to build interior stone walls with. They too are good for reflective building and relaxation. They were purchased on Etsy but I couldn't find any current contact information there.  Let me know if you created them and I'll spread the word!

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