Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birch Trees in Quilts and Fiber Arts

The contrasting nature of birch bark has been used in fiber arts as well as other contemporary crafts.  Here are links to quilters that have captured the glory of birch trees in their work.  I am especially taken with the color combination and angled composition of this first one by Carrie Hedstrom.

This quilt by Terry Aske has an entirely different effect because of the colors and fabrics chosen. 
Terry Aske Starry Winter Night

Black, white, red and gray are a recurring color theme for birch tree quilts.   I like the combination and am thinking of adding red accents in my application with the real birch tree I will harvest.  Here are two others that are a little more abstract.

BlackWhite and Red by Moonlighting Quilts

My last entry is of Birch Fabric available from Blank Quilting.  I share this in case it inspires you to create something in the birch tree theme.

Post update added Feb. 24, 2012:
Loving the branch and tree theme?  I did too. I just completed an in-depth series of blog posts on decorating using the branch and tree theme.  Check it the overview with links to all posts here. Branch Inspirations 

And here are links to two posts I did on a birch branch centerpiece here and here.

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