Friday, April 29, 2011

Wanderings • Boston • Jamaica Plain

Living creatively requires collecting inspirations. I collect them from many resources and try to regularly attend unusual and interesting events with that goal in mind. Yesterday David and I traveled to Boston for just such an event. We wanted to attend the opening of an art show called "Move Me" at the Axiom Gallery in Jamaica Plain. But first we met up with our daughter Karen for dinner. It was raining, and she texted that she was waiting in a hat shop nearby. What a delightful experience. Salmagundi doesn't yet have a website but it is worth a visit. The shop had over 7000 hats of all types and styles. Some like this beautiful extravaganza modeled by Karen were designed by the owners.

We then had an enjoyable early dinner at VeeVee's. Creative, good food but what caught my eye was they too are using tree buds for decor. I did a post here a few days ago on my similar approach. Theirs were dogwood getting set to bloom but they looked stunning against an orange wall.

We then meandered over to Axiom Gallery for the opening of Moves Me, a collection of work by five kinetic artists - Chris Fitch, Arthur Ganson, Tom Haney, Steve Hollinger and Erica von Schilgen. Those that follow this blog will know that kinetic sculpture is part of the life blood here at Ashbee Design and I'll be writing more about this show over on David's Wood That Works Blog soon. Here are a few images from the show to provide a sampling.

Karen winding No More Bad Dreams by Erica von Schigen

Detail of No More Bad Dreams by Erica von Schigen

Looking into Falling by Chris Fitch

Detail of Machine for Softening Hard Hearts by Arthur Ganson

At an outing such as this I bring along a camera and I take pictures for my inspiration journal. These aren't necessarily artistic photographs but they serve as reminders for me of ideas that sparked my creative side.

Have you gone on any creative wanderings recently?

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