Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspired by Origami

No sooner than I start a series of posts about Origami as a starting point for design than this post starts passing through the design sites.

Here is a portable, folds flat chair. Take it wherever, set it up and you are set to relax!

The Flux Chair is design by Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten. It has become available it the Untied States through YLiving.

So how much are you willing to pay for interesting design?  This chair is priced at $200.  It serves the same function as the portable Folding Tailgate Chair available from Amazon for $22. I find this question often popping up as I roam the design sites. There is so much that is priced beyond functionality. While I would pay $200 for my dining chairs, I wouldn't for a portable, keep in the car trunk chair. How about you? This design could be either.

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