Monday, April 4, 2011

Electrifying Origami

My love of geometry in art and sculpture combines with my decor aesthetic and is best illustrated in this series on origami influences in design.  Lately I've been looking at examples of lighting that show origami roots.  Here are a few.

This first pendant lamp is design by "Freefolding Artist" Andrew Ooi.  It is created by combining many origami forms together and gives off a soft light. via/ 

The second also is rooted in traditional origami.  It uses the plan of the classic folded box as the basis for an illuminated box.  

It comes in a variety of sizes and creates a very different effect when displayed in groupings. These come from the German website lichtkanzlei.

IKEA often has origami inspired lamps in its line.  These are not created from the classic folding of paper yet certainly evoke the essence of origami.  When you see one you like though, buy it.  Next time you return the design may well be gone. Here are several IKEA designs, some still available, others not.

Also using the same techniques is this beautiful design by Olaf and shared on

If you are a DIYer then looking for books or sites on creating origami forms might lead you to directions and inspirations in building forms that can be used to create DIY contemporary lighting. Here are some resources:

Paper Illuminated: 15 Projects for making handcrafted Luminaria from Amazon
Mathematical Origami: Geometrical Shapes by Paper Folding from Amazon
Modular Origami on line site
Polyhedron Origami for Beginners from Amazon

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