Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heads - Popping up Everywhere

As I was surfing for examples for the origami posts I stumbled upon this origami lighting series that made me pause for an entirely different reason.

First of all I love the use of classic origami animal shapes to create this series.  I find the combination of surfaces and edges to be quite dynamic. There is a simplicity of detail that is offset by the use of lighting.  But....

I have taken note of the ever increasing appearance of heads and horns in decor throughout the blogs and sites I explore.  It is has the feeling of approaching too much, too ordinary, too everywhere!  I know that I have mixed reactions to the head phenomenon. I am unsettled by the trophy mentality and yet this is in conflict with recognizing the beauty of animal forms. Does the popularity of stylized trophy heads lead to an increase in people wanting the real thing just because of their rarity?  I certainly don't mind fake heads but I do if it leads to people wanting the real thing for insignificant reasons.  Thoughts? Explore the other posts below for more on this topic.

Origami Lighting from SisStudios via/Curbly

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  1. I know this post was a year ago, but I am going to comment any old way... dunno if you will see omment or not,but I always like to give an opinion :o) after a year (or more) of being completely dumbfounded by the growing obsession of trophy style 'heads' in decorating, it would seem sthat his decor obsession has had just the opposite effect, which is AWESOME!!! everyone seems to WANT a head, but the less natural and more fake looking and 'alternate material" the better, APPARENTLY!! I have seen these crazy heads made out of every conceivable material...and I say if it leads to less animal killing for as you say "insignifcant reasons" then I say go for it. But I still am shaking my head at this trend... I have caught myself almost jumping on board, after seeing a particularly clever manifestation, or a really beautiful material used in the head creation. but just almost :o)

  2. HA!!! I just saw your grand finale in the "head" post category... again, shaking my head ;o)

  3. @Tumbleweed - No doubt about it - the alternative head phenomenon is still growing and some are very artistic. I was especially taken with the wire frame fox head out there now. Still, I am stunned by how frequently they are popping up in decor - and how many are used at once. Go figure!