Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harlequin Eggs

It all started as I was wandering in Walmart of all places and I noticed that duct tape comes in a wonderful array of colors now. No longer just utilitarian silver. That started the thinking and I purchased 4 colors thinking spring and eggs.

And I combined the brightly colored tape with my hand blown eggs to create the technique for new eggs to add to my collections this year.

This project was unbelievably simple, created little mess, and (after some practice) yielded some very snazzy egg designs. Here are some quick steps.

  • Working on a self-healing mat with a single edge razor blade and a metal ruler I cut the colored tape.  

  • I stuck to straight-lined cuts because of the nature of the materials. 
  • I cut a series of parallel lines and then crossed those creating diamonds, squares and triangles. 
  • I just went by eye cutting lines about 1/4" -3/8" wide. 
  • Here is a sample pattern of lines that I cut. I did a variety in different colors.

  • I then combined these shapes on the white eggs to create designs. 
  • My first batch wasn't to my liking and I learned several things.
    • Only use 1 or 2 colors per egg.
    • Diamond shapes created better patterns than squares.
    • You can reposition the shapes!
  • Here are a few of the ugly ones as I learned.

    My designs got more attractive as I went along. As always - practice helps!

    I combined some of my new eggs with other styles from other years. I group them in an analogous (like) color scheme and found a handmade pottery bowl to compliment them. This will reside on my coffee table for the next few weeks.

    I still have a lot of colored duct tape for other ideas. Have you explored the possibilities?  On Amazon I found Duct Tape in all the following glorious colors and prints:

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    1. Love it! My party just started, I'd LOVE to have you join the fun!!

      XO, Aimee