Friday, October 21, 2011

Kitchen Organizing • Rolling Shelf Improvement

I love a great idea when I see it even if it isn't perfect for my situation. Example - this organization solution for a deep drawer by Benita Larsson:

I saw this solution on her blog Chez Larrson. (Great blog by the way. She is a Swede - just like me!) She has those deep drawers instead of lower cabinets in her kitchen and she found they weren't the perfect solution for certain types of things.  She organized one of her drawers by purchasing plastic containers and sorting the small stuff. Great improvement.  I don't have one of those drawers but I do have a disaster of a rolling tray unit. Check out the bottom drawer of this cabinet.

This is  my "everything else" storage space and it does not function. It is also very dangerous. Among other things, all the parts to the food processor are stuffed here. (Sharp!)

Why contractors build drawers with partial sides is beyond me. Much space gets wasted.  For years I had been thinking that I needed to get some wood and build higher sides on this drawer. Then I saw Benita's solution. I knew it was perfect for my problem area. Today I went shopping for containers and I found a size at Walmart that fit my space quite nicely.

I have a container for food processor parts, one for juicing parts, one for mixer parts and two stacked containers- one for birthday candles and the other for decorating tips and bags. Those last items weren't even stored here before but now I have a little extra space. Thanks Benita for sharing!

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  1. Love this idea! I might use this for some of my rolling drawers!