Monday, August 15, 2011

Gears and Stuff!

I have shared with you before my love of gears.  I have tried hard to collect them but they are very difficult to find.  I have one leaning next to the stone wall in front.

And a collection from CB2 in another corner.

The big one I found while hiking in the woods.  It is left from deserted farm equipment from years gone by.  The smaller ones were One-of-a-Finds that showed up at CB2. It is rare to find gears available for purchase although there are some beauties at Restoration Hardware right now. A collection becomes more special when it is a hunt to find new additions. I can only say I was jealous with the treasure trove I saw this weekend.

While exploring Bedrock Gardens part of the tour leads one through the inspiring collection of found metal objects waiting for Jill Nooney to craft into sculpture.  Stacked there amongst the rusted debris were not just one but many gears the likes of witch I have never seen.

And then there were more just casually leaning against a birch tree.

And still more!

Not to show too much favoritism - there were also collections of old metal wheels-

And chains-

Any of which would have been welcomed additions to my garden. I asked but she wasn't willing to part with them. Apparently some of the gears are from the old Cog Railway that climbs to the top of Mount Washington. Oh what a find!

I know I have a decided industrial and mechanical bent in my interests and it comes through in my decor. When the sun comes out again I'll take photos to show you what I have scattered about my home and gardens. In the meantime I'll just keep searching for more.  

Anyone know of good source for old gears?

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