Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Place to Dream

One of the joys of participating in the blogging world is that you get exposed to incredible things, incredible ideas, incredible designs. Many would never fit into your budget but one can dream.......

This one appeared in 3Rings last week. 3Rings is a "Product Blog for Architecture and Design." They found this enticing rocker in the design portfolio of a design student in Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. They report that it is collaborative project by Richard ClarksonGrace Emmanual, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Broker, Eamon Moore, Kahlivia Russell and Joya Boerrigter.

I see it as the perfect place to curl up and dream......

But to be able to dream in this chair, first I dream about it being produced, then about it being available in the USA, then about it being affordable, and then about having a space large enough to enjoy this rocker.

That is a lot of dreams.

As I said at the beginning.  Reading blogs is to dream.....

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