Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Looks Comfy

David brought my attention to a post on Contemportist about a new chair design. A chair is impossible to judge from looks but what I see makes me want to try it out.

Imagine relaxing out on the patio, in the warm sunshine catching a few rays and reading a good book  - while lounging in this chair. Nice. 

This chair is design by Henry Sgourakis from Australia.  

I see a strong design similarity of the pattern to the main wheel in Radiance, a kinetic sculpture created by David. The interesting part of both the chair and sculpture is that the pattern is fascinating alone, for the chair- without its function, and for the sculpture - without its motion.

Radiance in motion:

Intrigued by the motion? Check out other kinetic sculptures at Wood That Works.

©2011 Ashbee Design, Marji Roy

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