Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leaf skeletons

I am regularly amazed at the delicate beauty in the small things in nature. Often they are overlooked yet if one studies them they can be the inspiration for a design theme. Consider these prints:

They would be stunning in many home locations and with a variety of color themes as well. I am also humored by the little pushes that guide my blog posts. This morning I was checking out yesterday's mail and these were shown in a Bed, Bath and Beyond flyer. There are many options, colors and compositions available.

The coincidence is that yesterday this candle holder was circulating the design blogs.

This delicate candle holder is designed by Tanja Soeter via Design-Milk and she'll be introducing it at the Salone Furniture Fair in Milan. I can imagine the effect of flickering candlelight. Now it is doubtful that I will get to Milan but I can get to BB&B. 

To further the theme I already own two beautiful skeleton leaves given to me by my daughter Karen. She purchased these at Takashimaya while living in NYC. An online search indicates that inspiring store has closed but I found other similar leaves here. These ornaments fill small spaces with interest. Guests stop and notice and then make the connection to the hidden wonders of design in nature.

Taking the theme a little further, try a search of skeleton leaves on Etsy. The results are numerous and many quiet beautiful. 

One can also make your own skeleton leaves and add them to home projects. There are many how to guides online. Here is a link to a simple one on wikihow

Additionally many varieties of skeleton leaves are available through Amazon for you to use in creative design ways. Oh the possibilities!

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