Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's a Seussical Week in Design

The blogs are rightfully filled with Dr. Seuss links this week in honor of his birthday. There is no doubt his work inspires creativity and whimsey throughout the world. Here are a few links to illustrate my point.

Cracked Cabinet by Straight Line Design

The above design is from Judson Beaumont's Straight Line Design company. (I am not sure where that name came from!) I first saw it years ago and it has made creating a whimsical solution to the mitten dilemma a goal. The original is not in my budget but it, along with other work by Judson inspire me to keep whimsy in my life.

Sobey by Straight Line Design

I do have a small touch of Dr. Seuss in my craft collection. Artfully arranged on a shelf is a collection of Seussical shapes handcrafted from clay. David and I purchased these while on a road trip from the northeast to Asheville, North Carolina. Our goal was to avoid interstate highways and stop at every craft shop, gallery and funky store we passed. It was a great trip and somewhere down south, in a crafts cooperative we found these fun tiny Seussical sculptures.  

For my last link in this Seuss review here is a post that made me pause, reflect and think. The title of the post is "What Dr. Seuss Books were really about. Underneath the whimsical language of Dr. Seuss' books lie valuable lessons in ethics." You'll need to remember back to stories you heard long ago and reflect.

How many do you remember just from the cover?  I didn't get them all and had to take a quick trip to Amazon to look at the original covers to make all the connections. Now I want to re-read them with a different focus.

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