Saturday, March 12, 2011

Size Matters....

I like using extreme variations of size.  I like things that are normally large made small and vice versa - I also like things that are normally small made large. If you can combine that with functional design then I am a happy camper! Case in point, my paper clip container....

A common, everyday object that one most often uses at 30" high is reduce to a mere 4" high and it becomes a perfect container with a little humor added in.

An interesting note: David gave me the iPad version of Phaidon Design Classics for Christmas.  It is a collection of 1000 top designs over history. These are defined as: "Industrially manufactured objects of aesthetic value and timeless quality: 
  1. definitive models of lasting influence and enduring significance; 
  2. objects that are innovative in their use of new materials and unite technological advances with beautiful design; 
  3. objects charaterized by simplicity, balance and purity of form; 
  4. objects that are perfect in their design and have remained unchanged since their creation.

Item number 10 is Galvanized Metal Dustbin (c. 1830)

What currently has me excited is the discovery of the Galvanized Pail site.  They have mini trash cans in a variety of sizes.  The design possibilities are endless!

6" mini

8" Mini

Imagine these instead of canisters, or lined on a bathroom shelf for storage?  Fun, affordable and a design classic!

©2011 Ashbee Design, Marji Roy

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