Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gray March

David and I went for our daily walk on snow shoes once again. Puffs of misty snow fog swirled around us as we hiked on what appears to still be at least 12" of snow. Although definitely dreary it did inspire me to take photographs.

Would you believe it if I told you that these are full color photographs?  They are. Welcome to March!

One can have a little fun with dreary rain drops.  Here is a set of window decals of rain drops and make me smile.

When stuck to your window they look like huge rain drops. They can be peeled off and rearranged.  I wonder how they would work for a bathroom window in a cozy neighborhood where houses are just too close together.  Would they obscure the view enough yet still let in all the light?  It would be fun to try it out! They are available from Droog.

©2011 Ashbee Design, Marji Roy

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