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Wanderings • Bedrock Garden

If you live in New England or are traveling here put this place on your list of special places to visit. Yesterday David and I traveled to the little town of Lee, NH in the southeast corner of the state to visit Bedrock Gardens.  I heard about it from a tip from my sister-in-law and it was beautiful and inspiring both from the landscape and gardening angle as well as the sculptural approach.

I took oodles of pictures despite the fact the sun was hiding. The gardens were an artful blend of every shade of green sprinkled with every color of the rainbow. It is about 30 acres mixed with vistas as well as nooks and crannies and the views are spectacular on a large sale as well as the tiny details.

This peaceful retreat is the work of Jill Nooney and Bob Munger and it represents years of their combined talents in sculpture, gardening, engineering and design. They blend whimsey....

with serenity.......

and provide personal spaces for one to enjoy in all weather and moods.

The grounds include meandering waterways guarded by still more sculptures...

Of course they have crafted stone towers which I loved....

and interspersed those with sculptures of varied materials.

The acres are divided into many different gardens, woodland gardens, meadowlands, dark woods, rock gardens and waterfalls. There is a secluded tea house complete with bed for sleeping over. The tea house looks out over this cascading woodland vista.  Oh what a site to wake up to....

I just couldn't stop taking pictures..... Up close in the rock garden

or over the grassy acres.

To visit the gardens you must plan. They are only open to the public 4 days a year and the calendar is posted on their website. You can sign up for a post card reminder the following spring so you can work in a trip to this special place.

In addition to being a garden it is showcase for garden art. The gardens are peppered with hundreds of sculptures welded from found materials. One of my personal favorites was placed on a rock in the pond.

Many were totem like in appearance. And many are available for purchase.

They are having one more open house this year scheduled for September 10th.  Make it a priority.  So worth it!

Also note: They are working to make this a public garden but need volunteers in helping make that dream a reality Link here for additional information.

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