Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Continuing with Stairs

My stairs theme was interrupted by our trip to Bedrock Gardens. Time to get the blog back on track.

Stairs, like fireplaces are obvious focal points in a home. They deserve some extra thought when designing.  Here are several examples based on the tree theme.

This first is from the Wharton Esherick House and Studio in Paoli, PA. Esherick was a sculptor that worked primarily in wood and his sculpting regularly carried over into his home, furniture and stairs. His home and studio are open for tours by appointment.  Great place for a wandering! (Thanks to Charlotte for the reminder!)

This one uses the tree as well. It is from StairPorn. com (Horrible name for a website!) they do have a lot a great stair examples though!

My last example doesn't use a tree but includes a beautiful almost poetic metal railing sculpted to be branch like. Via The

Right down to the roots!

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  1. My favorite is the last one. I love the roots on the bottom.

  2. designs colour changing water fall entrance with doorway between the two water falls seen from inside staircase design