Monday, August 1, 2011

Photographic Study of Concrete Spheres

Now that we have completed the cement ball construction we start enjoying their presence in our lives.  That is a driving force behind these Sculpture Week projects - our enjoyment of the sculptures on our walks, at sunrise, during storms, in the snow. We photograph them, share them and try to name them. Here is the first series of photographic studies.

I especially like closeup compostions.

This one is in the early morning with the sun just starting to penetrate the forest.

This is a sunset with David's studio in the background. The view from the gallery windows is excellent.

Sunset creating crescents of light on the western faces.

The beauty of sculpture is the views are different from every side.

So what do we name it?  We have found it important to name everything, our house, the paths and our sculptures.  My Facebook friends are much better word smiths than I and have submitted some great ideas including some very funny ones.

So far....
Kidney Stones
Play Ball
Lost Your Marbles?
Celestial Seasons
Dollop of Dip-n-Dots
Round Stone Gathering

And more ideas? Add them in the comments below. Expect more photos as the weather and seasons change.

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  1. Sphere's at play. This is a cute name for those balls in your woods. What do you think?

  2. Lounging Sphere's. Another name.

    1. Both good, and fun. We opted for "Lost Marbles" though.