Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Organizing with Tension Rods

My research for this series has lead me to incredible ideas for everyday objects. It has made me start looking at ordinary things differently. Take the mundane tension rod designed for kitchen curtains. I am amazed at the ingenious yet simple solutions people have developed with these common rods.

This first idea has gone viral on the Internet because it is such a great idea. Simply put a tension rod under the sink and hang the spray bottles from it.  It keeps the floor area clear for other uses.

If you have deep drawers in your kitchen consider putting a tension rod near the front of one to hold pot lids in a vertical and easy to access position.

In a bedroom drawer put tensioning rods and store shoes at an angle for better organization and use of the space.

In any number of areas you can use tensioning rods in a vertical application to provide divided storage for large items be it trays, cutting boards, or art canvases.

In a hutch horizontal tension rods can help secure over-sized platters and keep them from slipping down.

Or in a closet any number of them can but used for storing a ribbon collection.

The thing that is best about all these solutions is that they are totally flexible. When the need changes you can quickly add more or remove some of the rods.

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  1. OMG!! What great ideas and so simple with the use of tension rods!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I may have to borrow some of these ideas!

  2. Thanks for sharing, going to get some tension rods tomorrow!! Rachel Beal

  3. :-) I saw a similar idea over on a mag site and posted it on FB. Then I thought, hmmmmmm....what if I upsize the tension rod and use it in the shower. So I created a "shelf" for all those shampoo bottles that had no place in a small shower stall. It's not very glamorous, but it is helpful!


  4. Hi, got your question. The tension rod in the shower hasn't slid down. But I don't have loads and loads of bottle on it. I did use a heavy duty shower curtain road. :-)