Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine Wreaths • 2012

Today I spent crafting a Valentine decoration for the front door but alas, I finished near dark with little light to photograph. Hopefully tomorrow my post will share the new creation. Today, I'll share the resources I found to use as inspiration.  I am just lovin' Pinterest for quickly viewing the creative world.

This is a paper folding wreath. It uses a techniques similar to my Christmas Ornaments that I made this year.  Strips of paper make a natural heart when folded in half and then curled in. Easy but not weatherproof......

I like the graphic impact of this next wreath, but it is against a red background and my door isn't red....

This natural wreath is a beauty and I love using natural ingredients in decor.....

But this last one steals my heart........

What a beautiful twig design.

But in the end, I went my own way because I have a full-light front door, meaning mostly glass. Any door decoration put on my door needs to just as beautiful from the back as it is from the front. Check back tomorrow to see how I solved this challenge.

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