Monday, January 23, 2012

Collecting Branches and Twigs

I am building a collection for future use.  I have been so very inspired by all the stunning interior shots showing the integration of bare branches, sticks and twigs into homes that I am constantly collecting. The space above the garage looks like Twigs R Us right now. It is a good feeling to have a stash of inspiring materials just waiting for me.  Here are a few of the main categories I have been collecting.....

Driftwood - My obsession seemed to start with our trip to Provincetown, MA and my collecting driftwood on the beach. I have a five gallon bucket of bleached driftwood.

David insisted I share this photo of me looking like a pack rat as we hiked along the National Seashore. It was cold and blustery!

Birch - I also collect anything birch. We lost several large branches from one of our few birch trees in the October storm. Form that I have harvested a collection of birch sticks.

Mountain Laurel - I love the gnarled branches of old Mountain Laurel and we have patches of dead bushes.  Lots of character in these twisted sticks.

White Branches - And any old branch painted white......

Visit back to see the ideas that have been inspiring me and what I create out of all this twiggy goodness.  More to come.......

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  1. A kindred soul! I love natural decor AND trees, so branches just speak to me. Glad to find your articles and your website. I'll be checking back often, thanks for sharing.... Nancy