Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tension Rod Fail but a Solution

Today I tried the tension rod solution for spray bottles that has been appeared all over the web. You must know the one I mean because I even featured it here.  It is this one....

It is a great idea- however I just tested it and it only works with bottles that are nearly empty.  As soon as I put a nearly full bottle on the rod, down it slid.

I had been wondering about it and didn't want to leave it overnight because I was sure it would come crashing down while we were all nestled in our dreams. I didn't have to wait that long - it didn't even last 15 seconds.

Not to worry. In my hardware junk drawer I have some cafe rod brackets. I'll put these at both ends and probably one in the middle.  I have about a 38" span. It is still a great organizing tip.  Just remember to buy brackets when you purchase the tension rod.  And go heavy duty if there is an option.

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