Friday, January 6, 2012

Cord Control

No doubt about it. Keeping control of the cords has become a household nightmare. Here are a few ideas to help.

Certainly using the binder clips shared yesterday is a good place to start- near where the cords plug into their device.  I have been a big fan of the designer ones as well and have a line of these cuties from Blue Lounge (and available at Amazon) on my desk.

But what about the other end near the surge suppressor. Ah yes, it can be a distaster. I have used masking tape and created tabbies that are labeled but that is a messy solution.  The tape deteriorates with time. But I saw these two solutions recently in my pinning and will never use masking tape again!

Bread bag ties! excellent but I am pretty sure they might fall off (and we don't nearly enough store bought bread.) It is this next idea that I will be implementing with my stuff handmade from the plastic of milk cartons....

via Curbly

For storing cords I use ziplock bags but I kind of like this toilet paper tube solutions as well. Although I think one of my New Year's resolutions should be to toss the cords for broken devices. I have an incredible "just in case" collection.

My under the desk solution is a maze held in place with super wide double stick velco. I like it because of its flexiblity. We are always upgrading electronics and needing to rerun wires. I tried to photograph it but there is just no way I can get enough light down there to get a picture I'd be willing to put on the blog. I also like this hanging basket solution for the surge protector.

Here are two clever ideas by designer Karl Zahn of Boiler Design office.  Seeing designs like these makes me realize that product designers are aware of our problem and looking for new solutions. This new type of outlet cover is extremely helpful

And I love the whimsey of this stick on picket fence to hide cords running along the base board.

via Paul Kahn

Simply peel and stick.

via Paul Kahn

Unfortunately these are not in production and they should be!

Have you found any other great solutions?

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