Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kitchen Organizing • Measuring Tools

We have all seen the helpful DIY hook systems for inside cabinet doors for hanging measuring cup and spoon sets. In fact, back on January 4th I showcased them and said it was my project for the week. Well it took a little longer because things always do but today I can say, "Done!" and cross it off the list. Although the goal was similar, my approach was a little different.

Instead of hooks I opted for PVC pipe tubes. My husband read my January 4th post and he objected to the design. He thought the spoons would rattle annoyingly every time the cabinet doors were opened. Since he is our bread baker he definitely gets a say in the design.

He suggested PVC pipe instead and so I explored that solution. I had several design constraints to work within. My baking cabinet is the corner cabinet and the doors are narrower. The four measuring cups wouldn't fit in a row. I am also short and moving things up to a second row would be an uncomfortable reach. Instead I opted to split the measuring cups with 3 on the left and one on the right and keep everything low.  

The process was as easy as it appears but I will include a tutorial because there were some deciding points along the way.

Materials need:
  • PVC Pipe - diameter depends on your cups and spoons. I brought them with me to the hardware store and picked the smallest diameter possible PVC pipe. For my set I needed 1 1/4" diameter for the cups and 3/4" diameter for the spoons. I purchased a full length of each. It was only $2.49 for 10 feet and I figured the remainder was good to have around for some other creative DIY project!
  • Foam backed mounting tape
The Process:

Cut the PVC pipe. I cut my lengths 5 3/4 " for the cups and 4 5/8" for the spoons on the long side. I cut them at 45º angle thinking I might want to screw them into a backboard but I also like the visual dynamics. I did it on a band saw because I am lucky to have access to my husband's wood shop but it could easily be done by hand on a mitre box.

I had thought I would make a solid row of pipes and just use some of them so my original layout looked like this.

I realized this wouldn't work because the spacing was wrong but I made enough parts to experiment with.

After cutting the pipes I brought it all down to the cabinet to test possible layouts. For a temporary setup, I put double stick carpet tape on the inside of my cabinet doors.

I then placed the tubes in location paying attention to spacing. It was clear that I would not be using extra tubes as spacers.

Once I decided on numbers and layout I went back to the workshop and sanded all the rough edges. I wanted the pipes to stay white and after a Google search by David and some experimenting, we discovered the best way to remove the red ink was with a brand new green scrubbie and elbow grease. It has to be new, used ones aren't abrasive enough.

Once they were white and clean,  I attached them to the cabinet door using foam backed mounting tape.

I put a strip about 4" long on the back of each piece and just pressed it into place. My guess is that this is the best method for the curved surface. Time will tell. In just under two weeks the project is complete. And it works well. The cups and spoons don't clattered as the doors are opened and closed yet they are easily accessible, once we remembered their new location!

I am curious to know from others that have tried the hook approach. Do the utensils clatter?

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing your interior door design ideas. all your designing ideas are very good..interior door designs

  2. Marji that is perfect. Now you don't have the jingling noises that I have grown accustomed to. it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. Smart stuff!! This is an awesome idea. I would love it if you would share this at my linky party going on right now :) http://everything-underthemoon.blogspot.com/2012/01/bedazzle-me-monday-16.html

    Have great rest of the week!!

  4. thank you for this. I had the hooks on my "to do" list forever now and hadn't even thought about the clattering and that is a great point. I think I might try this way instead. btw - got this from Not Just a Housewife linky party.

    Kim www.plumberrypie.blogspot.com

  5. This is BRILLIANT! I am going to bookmark this and get me some PVC! Thanks so much for sharing...

  6. Love this idea. I shared it on my FB page today! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!!

  7. What a great idea! So much better than digging through the drawer looking for measuring utensils! Pinning it!

  8. Not only does it clatter, but the loud clanging actually scares me EVERYTIME I open the cabinet door. It looks great, but wish I had considered the noise! Your PVC system looks great! Will try that at our next house. :)

    1. Mine clatter, too and yes, they scare us every time we open the cabinet doors! I think if I had plastic measuring cups and spoons it would be fine, but mine are metal. I'm currently trying to think of a way to put some sort of "padding" below the cups to reduce the clatter & clanging.

    2. How about weatherstripping foam? It has a self stick side. Peel and stick it in a strip below the cups and spoons. Then they hit the foam instead of the door.

  9. Smart stuff!! This is an awesome idea!

    1. And it has proven to work well over time. I did this back in January and both my husband and I find it works very,very well! (Not all great organizing ideas do.) Thanks for stopping by.

  10. At my last house, I was so proud of myself for getting the measuring cups and spoons out of the drawer and hung them on the door with cup hooks. However, I hated it from the beginning. Not only was it noisy and clumped every time we opened/closed the door, the items were extremely difficult to remove and replace on the hooks! I have moved and was looking for a better way. I am so glad to find yours. thank you. I think PVC is just what I was looking for.