Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ideas for Valentine Cards

It has been years since I made a Valentine but my new registration in Pinterest got me exploring and I found great ideas out there. Today I am going to share a few of my favorites with you. They have inspired me to hand make a Valentine this year. How about you?

This first one is a pop-up design and if you follow my Christmas Card series you'll know I have crafted many pop-up design over the years. If you follow the link to Duitang's site you will find that the template for this design is included as a printable. I'd do it in red and white though, certainly not brown!

If that design above feels too complicated to you but you'd really like to do a pop-up, here is a simple one that even a beginner can do. I love the heart felt simplicity of the stick figure. Too cute!

Next is a design with little wooden hearts attached.

And here is a contemporary modern art style.

The last design is a classic and from my childhood. My mom was a great crafter and she inspired many. This Valentine's for you Mom. I know I've made countless woven hearts through the years under your crafty guidance. Directions available through the link.

You probably can tell a lot about me and my design preferences by looking at these cards.  Not a flowery foo-foo one amongst them! Let see what I design for my hubby. No revel until after the day because he does read my blog!

How about trying to make one yourself and sharing a photo with me?

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