Friday, February 3, 2012

Branch Whimsey

Continuing with my exploration of branches.....

Some have used the branch theme in their home design in whimsical ways - ways that just make me smile. I always like to add a little whimsey into my home as well. Those are the items that visitors will often comment on first. They are comfortable with whimsey.

Check out the trees in this playroom. What I love most is the painting of the leaves on the ceiling! I never consider the ceiling as a surface to decorate. And a swing indoors!

Then check out these painted sticks. Here they are just displayed but they get my mind whirling as to  how they could be incorporated into an interior space.


How about as a room divider..... Here just plain branches have been used and I love this approach. But I think it could be absolutely funky with the same application using the brightly colored branches above.

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And my final example of tree whimsey has nothing to do with real branches at all.  I just love the thinking out of the box here in this display of books. So you live in the city, you will never have access to branches like I do, yet you'd like something tree-ish. Try stacking your books differently...

Not very functional but definitely whimsical!

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  1. If my grandchildren had a big playroom, I'd be there right now, planning the height I need for the tree and finding the studs so I could hang a swing.
    I'm a new follower and I'm so glad I found this blog.

    1. Welcome Denise and enjoy. I am off to visit my grandson this weekend. As you explore my blog you'll see a few off the decor things I've done along with my daughter in his room. Yes there are trees but nowhere as impressive as the one in this post.

  2. I am a fellow artist who paints sticks as well. I am going to be selling my sticks to raise money.