Saturday, February 4, 2012

Branches • Stacks of Sticks

A lot has been done recently with bundling stacks of sticks together to make furniture especially tables.  Most of it is DIY. Check these out...

The above example has a tutorial. It is deceptively simple because it is all glued to a cube and not solid wood.

The example below adds a glass top which moves the design one step away from rustic.

This design can only be described as massive. It is similar to my Stone Lamp. Once it is placed, I don't move it.

This design from BHG added wheels but still I think there are advantages to building it on a hollow frame.

The precision of these cubes is created by using a much smaller twig. Speaks to my OCD side!

The last two qualify as sculpture but use the same concept of the above designs. They are by Korean artist Lee Jae- Hyo. He has many stunning sculptures at his sight and wood is only one material he works with.

Wouldn't a series of these complement the cement balls David and I made last year?

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