Sunday, February 5, 2012

Branches • In Bed!

The connection between spreading branches and canopies makes beds a natural place for people to use branches.  There seems to be a touch of romanticism with the concept. Here are a few designs - both handmade and available for purchase.

I like the use of entire tree trucks carefully placed in a house.  Of the bedroom applications the above idea is my favorite. I am seriously thinking about bringing in a tree to solve my mitten dilemma - but that is another post for another day....

A lot is done with found wood and headboards. The one above is an interesting mix of rustic and chic. I've already shared the one below but I wanted to mention it again as a great headboard.

 The bed below gets a little too fariyland-ish for me. But this one is available for purchase (Anthropologie) for those of you loving the tree idea but no access to real ones.

Taking it even a step further is this bed complete with huge bird's nest.

This final bedroom pleases me, not so much because of the bed but because it is such a peaceful and relaxing room. 

What a wonderful place to rest!

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