Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Branches • A Coat Tree • Literally

There is no doubt about it... The easiest way to incorporate the branch theme in your home is with a coat tree!  There are many options from DIY to high end beautifully crafted ones that fit the bill. Here are few in very different styles and materials but all tree based.

This first one is very true to life (except it is white!)

Designer Erich Grinder • via

These two images, while clearly still trees, are more stylized.  I like having it attached to the wall to save on floor space but, if in an office I think a forest of free standing trees would be great fun.

Designers: Michael Young and Katrin Petursdottir • via

Funkier designs are available as well.  These are very cactus like!

Designer: Robert Bronwasser • via

The following design is so stylized it might do well in a Star Trek type interior but not mine.

Designer:Mario Mazzer • via

I have posted this one before.  I like the simplicity of the design (and the Scandinavian influence.)

Designer Zhao Lei • via

Below is an example of a finely crafted coat tree from special wood. It has undeniable sculptural qualities.

Designer: Chris Martin

And one of my favorites is the simplest of all. It can be achieved by using a wall decal or even just painting a tree and adding regular hooks to the wall. Love it!

Designer: Emily Elizabeth Interior Design • via

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