Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Map Origami

Leftover maps? Love paper folding? Combine the two! Others have.

I love this sphere completed from combining origami shapes together. I can only imagine the hours it took to complete. This example and others are available on Etsy from Benjamin Wieler. He uses vintage maps and stitches the origami shapes together.

The advantage of using maps is that you have a larger than ordinary, colored paper to work with. Those combinations work well for different origami possibilities.

Here is a smaller sphere made from New York Subway maps. The creator lists that it took four hours to complete and is made from 30 sheets of paper!

Liz Hamm uses many types of paper for her origami jewelry including maps.

Here is a classic Origami Kusudama flower made from maps. This one is relatively easy especially with online instructions available here.

This flower can also be combined to make spheres as well.

Papering the walls in maps can be an over-whelming effect. Folding maps into origami shapes combined into spheres can be an alternative way to introduce maps into an environment.

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