Monday, February 27, 2012

Do You Love Maps?

I have always loved maps. I study them, I create them, I navigate using them. I find myself wondering if this is a common trait amongst home designers. We love space and spacial relationships and tend to understand three-dimensions. Does that correlate to a more significant relationship with maps amongst designers? Interesting question. Probably a thesis in it.

I recently completed a map project which got me to exploring other uses for maps in craft and home decor. It is a theme that resurfaces occasionally in the blogs and there are some examples of applications. Now that we are all getting in-car navigation systems or have smart phones that assist us, the need for the collection of maps has diminished. Here are some ideas for recycling them.

Old maps can be used to recover anything from storage boxes to magazine files to presents.  Or to create envelopes...

Here is a link to a site that provides instructions on how to print a Google Map of your location and use that to make an envelope. Cool. 

Or here is a tutorial on just lining an envelope with a map...

Because maps are printed on a paper that is heavier than normal, they make a good source for folding and creating envelopes....

Or origami shapes shown here in a garland of globes. 

When using maps you need to pick carefully. Some use a better color palette than others. I have a collection of old Automobile Club (AAA) maps that are decidedly dull in color. I have been trying a variety of paper crafts with them but the results have been equally as dull. I am on the hunt for colorful maps!

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