Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Garden • Sprinkled with Sugar

Snow has been decidedly scarce this season. Don't take that statement as a complaint, please! But it does make me appreciate the subtle beauty when we do get a little bit. Last night we got a dusting and my world looked as if confectionary sugar had been sprinkled over it. This morning I grabbed my camera first thing to record our winter garden.

So much of what we create in the outdoors is done so with a consideration of how it will look in the snow. Here are my dancing sticks, lightly dusted.

The stone walls I spend years building blend into the forest but coat them with snow and they make a stronger statement.

The hollow tree pyramid pops out in the landscape.

And the edges and lines of all the various objects and sculptures become emphasized.

As is often the case, there was a trio of deer that watchfully observed my every move.

The beauty of New England is the changing seasons. It is important to note how the variations change the view.

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