Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wallpapering with Maps

Continuing on with my exploration of maps as a theme in decor... Some have used maps as a source of unique wallpaper. What room do you think is the most appropriate to use maps for the wall paper? I love the humor of using it in a bathroom although it is easy to overdo a good thing...

There are two approaches in these bathroom options.  The first is to reuse old, colorful maps as wall paper.......

Or buy a wall mural and wrap it around the corners...

Choosing maps with subtler colors greatly changes the impact in a room.


But my favorite applications are the ones that show a little creativity in design...

I love the blue, white and wood combination in this boy's room.  The outline map gives great impact on the wall without being overbearing.

original • via
The following example is barely a map at all but more a typography project.  Works for me because I love both typography and maps!


There are so many options for using maps with children environments. This one is clearly used as a teaching tool as well as a decorative addition.

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