Sunday, September 29, 2013

Contour Cards - Punctuation

I have continued exploring the concept of layered designs using my Silhouette. After the first series which I shared here, I continued and started experimenting with punctuation shapes.  I love certain punctuation marks, most notably the ampersand. (I have a complete collection of ampersands in my Pinterest board here.)

This card is part of my all-occassion set. It would be a perfect contemporary Me & You card for an anniversary, or team work appreciation. 

Take a moment and study other punctuation marks. But combine them with colored paper......

Continuing with the punctuation and card theme, how about the classic money card? Here is a card you can make to go along with a cash gift.

I am not sure how to use this next card but the Question Mark is also a wonderful shape. How about as a "Wondering how you are" inquiry for a long lost friend? Check over on the Silhouette site to see how the chosen color combination can effect the impact. I did it in purples there.

Just look at a keyboard for more ideas!
Hashtag works for anything. Just add the #thinking of you, or #congratulations inside.

 The @ sign would be a great invite card..... Dinner @my house

And the exclamation point, well that works for any surprise.

These cards have all been designed to be cut on the Silhouette cutting machine. I have created cutting files for all and they are available here. (More will become available as Silhouette uploads them so check back.) Additionally I have uploaded a tutorial on making the cards here.

©2013 Marji Roy, Ashbee Design

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