Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Valentine Spiral Tree Tablescape

Have you thought about your next centerpiece for your table? After the holidays I like to do a winter scape but I have jumped ahead to Valentine's Day this year so others can see my idea and make it themselves.  I had a fun time learning the spiral tool in Illustrator and design a pattern for a  spiral heart which I then replicated into a Spiral Heart Tree.

And then I made a forest full in different sizes.....

These come from a pattern I designed for use on a cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cameo. The file is available here on As I was cutting them out I noticed that the scraps were a terrific shape as well. I saved them and made these 3-d heart ornaments, too.

I like how the spiral design reflects some of the other artwork in my dining area. I have an unintentional theme going on here. There are spirals in the woodcut by Lynita Shimizu, spirals in the sculpture by my husband, David Roy, and spirals in the candelabra made by my grandfather, Conrad Carlson.

Still loving working in paper!

This cutting file is available along with others over at my store in SVG, PDF, and DXF formats. I also have a complete tutorial to help you in making these trees here.

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