Sunday, January 3, 2016

A New View.... Drone Photography

Do you remember the 587 foot stonewall I built back in 2008-2011? I photographed it and blogged about it here and here.  Over the holidays my daughter and husband spent some time flying their drone over our home and taking photographs from new angles. I especially loved this one of my stone wall.

I love this photograph and the texture of the trees. The stonewall starts in the lower left, turns right and continues out of the frame in the upper right. It is a long stonewall! If you look carefully you can see the top of our sculpture creation from Sculpture Week 2015. I never blogged about that but it is on my to-do list.

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  1. What an amazing photo, my eyes are definitely pulled in to have a good look.

  2. That is one great picture they shot! The conytrasting colors are amazing, I love how the details make you want to look longer into the image :) Which drone model and camera did they use for this? Would love to know. You husband and daughter probably know tis already, but you could learn a few rules about aerial filming and drone flying, and show of with them :) Here is a great article that you might find interesting. Check it out here:

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    1. Thanks Kevin. The location is in Ashford, CT. We aren't really using the drone any more. It is a phantom. My blog isn't really the place for articles about drones and photography. I rarely post here and no longer promote it. I have moved on to a new endeavor at