Saturday, April 29, 2017

Making Mandalas

Did you love the Spirograph toy when you were a kid? I certainly did - and that is the basis of my most recent series of designs.

I got hooked on creating mandala designs based on spirograph type images - and then I expanded from there.

I spent a couple of weeks creating all kinds of designs, cutting them and experimenting with them. I took four different ones and framed them in Michael's Benton 9x9" shadow box frames (they were on sale at 60% plus 15% off!) to hang on my craft room wall.

These mandalas are all cut from card stock using my Silhouette Cameo using paper in gradated colors. I chose a blue series to match the wall but this would work in any color gradation series. I have finalized 1o different designs which are available here on my store at Here are the 10 designs currently available.

Some of the designs are a single star pattern made of 3 layers, others are more complicated. One is two layers of stars each made up of 5 layers of card stock in different colors.

Important Links 
Files are available here.
Complete online tutorial is here.

Other Options:
Once you start cutting these open your creative mind and think of other applications. Here are two possible uses for the same files - even consider vinyl!

And I have added a freebie to my freebie page. Go here if you want to test your machines file compatibility or skill at cutting fine lines.

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