Thursday, September 21, 2017

Continuing with the Star Shadow Box......

I love working with the star shaped shadow box. It is such a strong shape and makes up so nicely. I designed yet another series of layers for a new shadow box theme....this time horses!
Again I used the LED lights from Amazon. I am enjoying including these in my projects. There are so many options that are quite flexible. The ones I used are here. (disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate.) I choose lights that are warm white which gives an amber glow verses a blue glow. Unfortunately it photographs as yellow but in reality it is more amber. I am still working on the photography aspect!

Here is a link to the download files:
And here is a link to the tutorial
You should check out the tutorial! I really broke down the assemble into small steps with tons of photographs.

Happy crafting all.

©2017 Marji Roy, Ashbee Design,


  1. Hi Marji,

    I loved all of your art work. It's awesome.
    Can you kindly tell me exactly which cardstock paper to use i.e. how many lbs or gsm? As I am going to hand cut it. Thanks in advance.


    1. Madhuri, For this Star Shadow box I used the recollections card Stock from Michaels in 12 x 12" pieces. On their website the list the following specs 65lb./176gsm. The Deer shadow box I used Bazzilli card stock which is thicker but it isn't necessary. And since you are cutting by hand, go with the thinner.

  2. Thanks a lot Marji for your quick response. Really appreciated.