Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018 Additions to Tea Light Village.

I have been creating buildings for Tea Light Village since 2014, and each year I seem to design 2 more. 2018 is no exception. I have just added a Barber Shop with iconic pole and a Covered Bridge with a horse-drawn sleigh to the store at 3dcuts.com.

Both are great additions to this charming village.

The covered bridge reflects some of the design elements you will find a various bridges around new England. The sleigh comes with driver and a tiny tree for the back.

The barber shop file includes a bench, picket fence, and a pine tree.

Download links:
  • 2018 Additions: If already have Tea Light Village buildings up through 20717 then you can add the 2 new files for $2.59 here.
  • 2018 Complete: If you don't have any of the village you can get all 16 buildings in one download for $12.59 here.
  • See all the available download options here.
  • Barber Shop assembly tutorial is here.
  • Covered Bridge and Sleigh assembly tutorial is here.
Which will you make first?

Happy crafting everyone.

©2018 Marji Roy

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