Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sharing Some 4th Photos

We celebrated the 4th by having a family picnic here to introduce the new grand daughter to her great aunts and uncles and a few cousins to boot. It was a great day but I was so busy entertaining I didn't take many photos. Here are a few from before the family arrived.

First, I needed an arrangement in the sunroom and didn't have any flowers. I picked a bunch of swamp grasses and put them in the beautiful contemporary vase and had a quick, easy arrangement that got great comments. Sometime my family thinks I am a little strange :-).

This flat vase is a beauty and makes any arrangement look exotic. 

The second set of photos needs a reminder.  Remember the post I put up about the nifty zen tower I built on top of the light fixture to ward off nesting birds? I posted about it here.  Well, I only put it on one fixture because the birds were only interested in one. I didn't catch the fact that three months later they started building on a different light fixture. I discovered it too late and I don't knock down nests. If I can discourage building, I do but once a nest is there, I wait until the family moves on. Today, we have a family hatched and none too happy that were using the patio. Guess I'll build another stone tower there once they've flown the coop!

Happy Summer, Everyone!

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  1. The Praise for the grass arrangement was well deserved.
    Happy Summer to you too.