Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Calendar Quilt • A Special One

I come from a creative gene pool and our home reflects that. To me, it just reflects who we are and where we came from. There have been a series of posts in the décor blog world recently about a styled home verses a decorated home and when does a home begin to look too much like a magazine. (Apartment Therapy: Propping How Much is Too Much). Using items from your past and your family is one way to avoid the "over propped" trap.

Today I want to share with you the quilt that hangs on one wall in our office space. It is one of things in our home that makes it a home. It has a story and connection to the past. It was made by my Mom. She was no ordinary crafter mind you. She did it all! She was a quilter, a knitter, a seamstress, and a weaver. She did button crafts, flower crafts, tin crafts and stained glass. She had the most amazing craft room and supply collection one could imagine. And I grew up in that environment.

This quilt is a Calendar Quilt. It is only one of the many, many quilts my Mom made but I think it is the only calendar quilt she crafted.

A calendar quilt has 12 squares, each representing a different month of the year and each completed in a different quilting technique. Fabric pattern and color are the common themes throughout. Here are a few of my favorite squares.

April is a tulip using Stained Glass Quilting

August in a Sunburst patchwork design

January is a snowflake in French knots.

February is a heart pattern.
March is shamrock in Crazy Quilt Technique

A patchwork May basket

Although I did teach her to use a computer, and she worked hard at that as well, she never got to experience blogging, or Pinterest, or Etsy. But she certainly didn't miss any of the craft experience without them! Wish she could read my blog.

Thanks, Mom!

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