Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Tradition • DIY Family Calendar

Our family has been creating annual family photo calendars for decades. My sister started the tradition back in the early '70s- yes in the last century! She had a great camera and a black and white darkroom in the basement.  Talk about a lot of work. Over the years we switched to Kodak color prints, then prints from our inkjet , and finally iPhoto calendars arrived.  Talk about using all the technologies over the years. But I do have a wonderful collection of calendars.

David and I have been in charge of the calendar for years and most recently all of them are completed in iPhoto - free software on the Mac. The entire photo editing capabilities are all built in.

The reason I bring this up now is that I am taking a break from ornaments and Christmas cards. The calendar has a timeline and has to get done first. So a project switch. Last night, my husband and I sat together, enjoying some wine and Christmas music and we reviewed our year in photos. We take lots of photos!  (Confession - I was wearing Christmas antlers, too!)

This is what the season is all about - togetherness, family, sharing, remembering, building memories.

The Family Calendar continues as a family Christmas tradition.

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