Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Etsy Cards • Handmade by Others • #4

I have used thread and ribbon in my card designs before but not in the same method as Carol Smith-Nichols. She crafts many themes using stitches but I especially like her geometric snowflakes. Here is the design Karen picked out as part of my birthday collection.

Each of these lines is an embroidered silver thread.

If you like this type of card you can order the pattern as well.  It comes as a PDF file on your computer and it shows both the punching pattern and the stitching order. The layering of the stitches adds to the uniqueness of this design. It is copyrighted by www.stitchingcards.com.

In fact, if you like this design I think you'll have to order the pattern because I can't find her shop on Etsy any longer.  I did find other hand-stitched cards, many with beautiful designs but poor photography. And the prices are incredible reasonable for all the work!

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