Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree Design • MakeDo

I read blogs to see things I've never seen before, to be exposed to new ideas, to get inspired, to get excited.  SwissMiss blogged this week about a product I didn't know existed but I should have.  MakeDo is a company that creates a cardboard construction kit. They provide tools and fasteners and you provide cardboard (or other stuff to reuse) and creativity. Just look at this incredible Christmas Tree Design....

What an timely example of geometry. I love it! MakeDo has a great site full of creative ideas and a store to buy their construction kit.

The site is filled with creative play ideas. I saw it as an affordable, temporary solution to furniture! But the Christmas Tree struck a note. One of my Christmas stories came to mind.....

When I was in college, renting my first apartment in a Providence basement, I was excited to get and decorate my first Christmas Tree. David and I merrily trudged to the Christmas Tree lot on the corner and there I encountered disappointment. I was a country girl and I didn't have a clue as to how much a Christmas Tree costs in the city. There was no way I could afford a tree and I was heartbroken. The kindly person manning the lot understood my disappointed and offered, for free, the bottom two feet recently lopped off the base of a recently departed tree. I was thrilled. We dragged it home, tied the spreading branches up and created a Christmas Bush. We covered it with handmade ornaments. It was the most beautiful, ugly tree ever! I will never forget it.

I should have thought out of the box!(Hehee) I could have crafted a cardboard tree. There are plans for this one (plus many other great ideas) at the MakeDo site.

Can't you just envision the creative ornaments that could hang from its edges?

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