Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Yesterday was the day to decorate the tree. We travelled to the local tree farm and trudged through the fields looking for the perfect tree. The search was challenging because so many of the trees were over grown but we succeeded. David found the perfect tree, about 11 feet tall and not too fat and Amy cut it down. Taylor at 2 1/2 was much more interested in the horses in a neighboring field. We had been planning on trimming the tree to about 9 feet but instead decided to place right in the center of the window wall at the peak.  We got to use the entire height and it fit beautifully.

I got to hang the new ornaments I made this year and they really do look nice on the green. I switched to red wood beads for the garland and it offset the red beads well.

Our tree is covered with handmade ornaments and many are small. I designed this series to be large to help balance the visual impact.  

Here are photos of a few of the designs that I did not create tutorials. However the steps were the same for all and if you follow the tutorial for one you will see the many design possibilities for using aluminum screening as an ornament base. Here is the zig-zag tree....

And the contemporary spiral......

And perpendicular circles.....

I wanted to try and design an angel as well. So many ideas but never enough time.  I consider that being blessed!

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