Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament #3 • Daisy

Using the same aluminum screening that I used for the Ribbon Tree and the Rosette DIY ornaments, I crafted a Daisy design.

It combines the red wooden beads with the silver screening in a totally different circular motif. And, just like the other two designs I am creating a tutorial so you can make the same ornament. This series is truly easy to do and they are very universal. They are unbreakable so a great solution for a house with kids or cats!

Supplies needed:
  • 8 pieces aluminum window screening 2" w x 6" long - I purchased 1 roll of 36" x 84" bright Aluminum screening at Lowes. You can vary the size to create different sized ornaments.
  • 8  - 1/2" wooden red beads - I bought a red bead garland and cut them off.
  • 2 feet 1/8"wide red satin ribbon
  • dull scissors (Save your old ones for this type of project. Don't use your sewing shears!)
  • big darning needle (large enough to thread 1/8" ribbon through)
  • gloves - to protect your hands
  • ruler
  • marker

  • Using a Sharpie marker and ruler, measure 8 pieces of screening 2" w x 6" long.
  • Use dull scissors to cut the screening.  I like to wear garden gloves during these first steps because the edges of the screening are extremely prickly.

  • Fold over both long edges on all 8 pieces of cut screening.
  • I bent it over the edge of my desk top to form a straight fold.

  • I first used my finger to crease back the folded edge and then ran the handle of the scissors along it to smooth it out.

  • Using something round as a form, bend each of the 8 pieces in half but a curved half - not a crease.

  • Pull a strand of aluminum "thread" off the edge of a scrap piece of screening.

  • Use this thread to stitch together the two ends of each piece of screening.

  • Take a piece of 1/8" red satin ribbon and thread it onto a large darning needle.
  • Thread it through the screen about 3/4" up from the stitched seam.
  • Thread a bead onto it.
  • Thread it out the other side of the petal shape.

  • Thread it into the next petal shape again about 3/4' from the stitched seam.
  • Add another bead and continue through and out the other side.
  • Add another petal shape, then a bead, continuing until all 8 have been threaded together.

  • You may need to adjust the shape of your 8 "petals" so they form a complete circle.
  • When you have all eight connected, tie the two end of the ribbon together leaving enough to make a hanging hoop.

Simple and elegant!

Add them to your collection from my previous two tutorials.

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  1. love it! But I think I want to try it with wired ribbon! I would cut myself for sure on the screening!

  2. Karenduch -I wore light weight garden gloves for the first few steps. Once the edges were bent over and creased the screening material no longer poked me and I didn't need the gloves any longer.

  3. This is fab, I would have never thought to use that material, but it most look lovely.

  4. Found this great idea on Pinterest and featured you in my blog!
    Keep the great ideas coming!
    - A. Nieman

  5. Love this, hoping to use it to create some great things for our church.